Our Vision – To provide equitable access to shared arts experiences and innovative workshops which encourage collaborations, partnerships, creative integration and artistic opportunities within our community.

What is Soul Healing Love Magic and who is it for?

Soul Healing Love Magic is a collaborative arts organization, based out of Cincinnati and surrounding regions, that appeals to creative people whether they are professional or not. You may not even consider yourself an artist. Chances are, if you participate and keep an open mind, you will discover that you’ve gained creativity, inspiration and motivation to experiment with other styles; outlets for expression. You may even discover that you’re not only an artist but have better defined yourself as a person, friend, partner; spirit that is free to spread “soul healing love magic” throughout your life. This is the dream that I envision and this is the only way I could think to describe that vision. Soul Healing Love Magic is the most accurately simple name that one can give it, and it can be truly felt only when sharing arts experiences through a freely expressive, collaborative outlet which welcomes all ongoing efforts for both individual and collective growth.

Who are you and what do you do?

For now it is mostly just me, Shelby, planning the first few local workshops and live web events. SHLM is a new concept that I’ve been working on with Emily, my Co-Founder, for around two years or so. As the main founder of SHLM, it is a lot of work to get this off the ground on my own. I apologize if this site is still very much under construction but please know that I am adding more and updating every day. In the meantime, as well as in the future, I strongly welcome you to contact me with any questions, comments or interest in kick-starting this organization. I’m eager to hear from anyone who would like to help plan/teach workshops, as well as any local art center/studio interested in inviting us to teach free collaborative workshops in their venue.

Starting out, as we are becoming familiar, collaboration will be built upon a variety of exercises; some are between partners of two or more, some are self-applied, but most are easily applied when done either alone or in groups too. As a visual artist, these exercises might be most helpful to other visual artists. I do want everyone to understand that when I developed them, I intended for them to apply to the whole spectrum of the art world. Perhaps one of the most exciting attributes of SHLM as a whole is the shared creative process between integrating very different styles and mediums. It should be a place where a diverse group can network and create partnerships among each other; this includes everything from musicians, performance artists, designers, writers….and the list doesn’t really end.

“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things. Some with a brush. Some with a shovel. Some choose a pen.” – Jackson Pollock

Soul Healing Love Magic with Shelby Quino

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