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Visual Journal – New Moon May 2017 #Prompt Response


Just sharing what I came up with in my visual journal for the May 25/26 2017 New Moon #Prompt (at least by the night of May 26)

Ironically, I also ate Chinese take out that night, and the fortune that I received from my cookie was just way too fitting for me not to include it. Pasted to the side of my new moon, you’ll notice it reads: “Accident is the mother of invention.”


PROMPT: New Moon/Super Moon: Energy May 25/26, 2017

  • The New Moon represents the beginning of our 29 day lunar month. During a New Moon, the moon sits roughly between the Earth & Sun. Basically, we are seeing “the dark side of the moon,” (the side we never see) because the Sun is illuminating that side.
  • This New Moon falls under Gemini; bringing about inspiration, new ideas, insights, and visions. Our May 2017 New Moon is also a Super Moon (meaning that the Moon is at 90% closest approach to Earth in a given orbit) where ENERGY runs high, intuition is heightened, and you become more aware/sensitive to the energy of Nature, the environment, and everything around you.

The Significance and Meaning of this New Moon to us:

  • The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’ and how we shine our individual light out into the world. The MOON represents our ‘inner-world,’ our feelings, unconscious beliefs, and our ‘shadow self.’
  • Since the Sun is illuminating the hidden side of the Moon during this New Moon, we could say that our own ‘hidden side’ and inner feelings are also being illuminated. During a New Moon, we are given an opportunity to start again; letting go of energy from the previous cycle and setting our intentions and innermost desires into conscious action.

My Prompt/Challenge for you tonight is to affirm to the Universe your own intentions and goals for this new cycle.

You can approach this prompt anyways you like, but I will be drawing my personal intentions inside a giant circle (representing the New Moon). I encourage everyone to use that template in a way that works best for them. For example, you could write/draw your intentions, affirmations, and goals within a drawn circle however you see fit. What’s most important is that you gain a sense of personal development or discovery; a kind of self-meditative experience.

Resources & Links:

circle Using Photoshop or other imaging software?

Download this New moon Phase Symbol Vector Image 

*Designed by Freepik from www.flaticon.com*

Source:  New Moon (Super Moon) – May 25/26, 2017″ by Simone Matthews http://www.universallifetools.com/2017/05/new-moon-super-moon-may-25-26-2017-gemini/

Source: May 2017 Moon Phases – http://www.moongiant.com/moonphases/May/2017/

Source: New Moon Magic

Random Acts of Art


Our Ongoing List of Ideas:

  1.  Make intricately detailed bookmarks and leave them in library books for someone to find.
  2.  Create a mysterious ad and distribute among ordinary listings. See who notices yours.
  3.  Use a sharpie to draw a designs/write messages on a balloons. Bring them to a local hospital, nursing home, or other facility to be placed in patients’ rooms. 
  4.  Paint a rock and leave it anonymously in someone’s garden.
  5.  Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk at a local park.
  6.  Make a statue and put it somewhere unlikely and sacred, like in the middle of the woods.
  7.  Write prompts/inspiration on post-it notes and leave them to be discovered by whoever.
  8.  Draw designs on business card sized card stock and drop them in the collection bowls that local businesses put out, for example  the “leave a card, win a lunch” type gimmicks.
  9.  Fill a container/box with artwork, writings, photographs, lists, and anything else that inspires you; secure it tightly and bury it somewhere (but first make sure you aren’t trespassing or digging on private property). Draw a “treasure map” to where your box is buried and/or write clues, riddles, etc. Anonymously post an online ad or discreetly distribute the printed info/map around town for curious folks to discover. If you’d like to see who ends up finding your “treasure,” include your contact info inside the buried box and encourage the finder to let you know it has been found.

Ideas Submitted by Our Readers/Contributors:

Have another random act of art to add to the list? Comment and I’ll add it here.

“Put a drawing or a message in a bottle and launch it in the ocean or a river. It could end up anywhere at any time. Seal the lid with wax so that it does not leak. These have been known to travel for hundreds of kilometres.”Submitted by Kat 

Art for Art's Sake 1.8.17 Stream

“Works of art, in my opinion, are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order, and that is why, though I don’t believe that only art matters, I do believe in Art for Art’s sake.
 – E.M. Forster

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Streamed with Open Broadcaster @ https://Twitch.tv/SoulHealingLoveMagic
on January 8, 2017 by Shelby Quino as part of
#KillYourEraser Month on https://SoulHealingLoveMagic.wordpress.com

(Sorry for the poor audio quality. The music is actually from one of my karaoke videos.) To watch the original video of me singing ‘1979’ by the Smashing Pumpkins, go here: https://youtu.be/mLoaNN5TTf4